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national emphasis program

why it matters

Once an organization receives an OSHA violation, OSHA will follow-up often to guarantee proper OSHA procedures are in place both now and in the future. National companies need to be especially vigilant as OSHA may consider all entities, not just an individual location, when ensuring OSHA regulations are adhered to.

What Is An OSHA National Emphasis Program (NEP)?

“…temporary program that focuses OSHA resources on particular hazards and high hazard industries.”¹

Does this OSHA program include Roof and Ladder Fall Violations?

While this program focuses on COVID protocols an OSHA inspector visit can also site an establishment for any OSHA violation, including improper fall protection. Year after year one of the top 10 most sited OSHA fines is improper fall protection. Since fall protection is a “particular hazard” proper fall protection is key in avoiding costly fines. Additionally, the NEP specifically mentions personal protection, which could include roof and ladder access fall protection.

install ladderport products

avoid costly fines

Roof Hatch Grab Bars (with or without cage)

  • Meet the often-enforced OSHA Walking-Working Surface Rule unlike a single ladder post
  • Provide safe hand holds
  • Leave the hatch ladder obstruction free
  • Are adjustable to fit multiple size hatches
  • Install easily and include all hardware
  • Made of durable, long-lasting metal and are interior rust prohibited

LadderPort Ladder Receivers

  • Meet the OSHA requirements
  • Less expensive and safer than permanent mount ladders
  • Permanently attach to the building wall to stop extension ladders from:
  • Slipping Sideways or Backward
  • Damaging building
  • Becoming Unsafe even on snow, ice, or uneven ground
  • Allow removal of the ladder to deter vandals or thieves from accessing the roof
Caged Roof Hatch Grab Bars* With Optional Adjustable Self Closing Gate

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LadderPort Products are OSHA Compliant