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LadderPort Ladder Receivers Installation Instructions

why choose LadderPort™?

LadderPort™ is the inexpensive permanent building mounted extension ladder receiver, securely holds the ladder in place. Hooks secure the ladder while side plates prevent it from moving left or right. The solid metal
grab bars enable the technician to climb up and down a portable extension ladder comfortably and safely.

LadderPort™ Type 1* – Standard Flush Mount

First choice in comfortable safety when the building has a flat, strong wall and a simple flashing detail. This model accommodates a fascia board to 6″ below the top of the roof edge flashing.

LadderPort™ Type 2* – Gutter Saver

Protect your gutters from the harm of an extension ladder. Use this model when a gutter up to 8″ wide by 8″ tall is present. This model must be attached to a strong wall.

LadderPort™ Type 3* – Adjustable

Select this model when the wall has crown or decorative detail at top flashing. Its telescoping lower attach points easily adjust & attach to a strong wall, such as masonry (block/brick), providing a stable unit. Drill bit & ss steel hardware. Included for adjusting the telescoping lower attach points.

LadderPort™ Type 4* – PreFab Metal Bldgs

Meets the requirements of pre-engineered metal buildings with its adjustable attach points at bottom & top legs. Use where there is no easy method of attaching to the roofline. Bolting to a 3” X 3” angle frame secured to the girth inside the building recommended.