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How to Spend $1 While Saving $4 - $6
And Keep Your Company OSHA Compliant

Why Is A Rooftop Safety Initiative Important?

  • First & Foremost: Worker Safety – Falls continuously top the OSHA list for death & injuries in the construction and maintenance industries.
  • OSHA Violations – One of the most fined OSHA violations.
  • Stay Off OSHA’s Radar – Failing one OSHA visit often leads to repeat OSHA inspections. 
  • Worker’s Compensation Increases – If a worker files a claim, it will result in a rate increase.
  • Workers Compensation Experience Mod Rate (EMR) – A poor EMR may exclude a company from bidding jobs.
  • Litigation – Often every company involved in a fall, from owner to contractor, will be named in a lawsuit. Lack of a valid safety plan can result in higher monetary rewards.
  • Savings – OSHA estimates construction companies save between $4 – $6 for every dollar invested in safety programs.

Falls: The Leading Cause of Death In Construction Industry

Falls: The Monetary Aspect

Fall injuries constitute a considerable amount of worker’s compensation and medical costs. Approximately $167 billion is spent annually in the United States for worker deaths and injuries, according to the National Safety Council.

Fall Related Deaths are On the Rise

Are You the Cause or the Solution?
  • Falls remain the leading cause of work-related deaths in construction, accounting for more than one in five of the total number of fatalities in this industry, according to NIOSH.
  • Lack of fall protection remains the most violated OSHA regulation. The increase in the number of deaths speaks to the reason.

How Can My Company Become The Solution?

LadderPort Ladder Receivers

Stops ladders from falling

Roof Hatch Grab Bars

Cages & hand holds for safe transitioning through hatches

Cranky Portable Winch System

Lifts up to 300lbs on/off roof

Parapet Ladder System

No more jumping to the roof from the parapet


When there is an obstruction on the inside of the roof

Ready To Be Safer On Rooftops?