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Rooftop Hatch Grab Bars
OSHA Compliant Safety System

Even The Toughest of Us Dread "The Black Hole"

Is there anyone that says, “I can’t wait to climb through the roof hatch?”  Time and time again, our customers call it the “dreaded black hole.”  It is especially dangerous in rain, wind, and snow. There are many horror stories about smashed hands, broken knees, and horrific falls all because the roof hatch did not have proper safety protection.

In the past, the main product for providing some type of hand hold was a ladder up type post.  Although still in use, safety products have advanced substantially.  While the ladder post provided a hand hold, our customers have often complained that it takes up foot space on the ladder, requires two hands to put it up and down and has mechanical parts to fail. Many admit to never using it because it is just too “cumbersome.”  Additionally, in many cases it does not meet the often-enforced OSHA Walking-Working surface rule.

There are better solutions.
OSHA Compliant LadderPort Roof Hatch Grab Bars may be the best.

LadderPort offers two types of Roof Hatch Grab Bars – Caged and no Cage both meeting OSHA requirements.

Which is best for my hatch?

Install Caged Roof Hatch Grab Bars with Gate:

Install Roof Hatch Grab Bars without Cage:

Why LadderPort Caged Roof Hatch Safety Grab Bars?

Make LadderPort Roof Hatch Grab Bars Superior

  • Always permanently mounted in place, LadderPort™  Roof Hatch Safety Grab Bar System is the only uninterrupted system with hand stops meeting OSHA requirement 1910.27(d)(3) “Ladder Extensions.”
  • Adjustable to fit standard roof hatches ranging in width from 24” to 44”. 
  • Handles remain centered on ladder, even when ladder is not.
  • No mechanical or moving parts to maintain or fail. 
  • Hand holds are always attached to the hatch allowing user to maintain OSHA Required 3-point hold. 
  • Permanently, firmly & securely mounted in place with  patented bolt system LadderPort™  Roof Hatch Safety Grab Bars provide two secure hand holds with hand stops at the top for added safety.
  • No obstruction on the hatch ladder for the user to maneuver around decreasing the chance of slipping.
  • All openings are covered to prevent wasp, bees & critters from nesting.
  • Adjustable spring-loaded gate allows easy open & automatic close, eliminating danger of accidentally leaving it open.
  • No need to raise or lower post; no levers or moving parts to accidentally bump or fail,  avoiding possible serious injury to the user.
  • Constructed of ASTM spec steel, exterior powder coated safety yellow, interior treated with the same military spec rust preventative used to protect aircraft components & machine parts in outdoor storage. 
  • Roof Hatch Safety Grab Bars require little or no maintenance to provide safe hatch access for years.
  • The bolt arrangement is designed to eliminate insulation crushing & damage to roof membrane.
  • Units ship with all hardware, including drill bits, for convenient installation. 
  • Installation time normally less than 2 hours for two people.
  • LadderPort™  products are manufactured in the United States in Brighton, MI with U.S. made materials.

In an effort to stop falls, OSHA is becoming stricter about proper fall protection.  Roof hatch protection is a must to avoid OSHA fines, and more importantly, keep personnel safe.

Ready To Be Safer On Rooftops?