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Elise Oras

Director of Sales & Marketing

LadderTech, L.L.C.

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Brighton, MI June 20, 2007- LadderTech, L.L.C. announces the release of “Cranky” Truck Mount Assembly for use with “Cranky” Portable Winch System.   The “Cranky” Truck Mount Assembly mounts to a receiver on the truck.  It saves the cost of a second technician and reduces the chance of injury when lifting objects in and out of a truck.

“Cranky” Truck Mount Assembly is for use with the “Cranky” Portable Winch System.  The Truck Mount Assembly is a post that fits into a standard 2” Reese type receiver.  “Cranky” then slips over the post and is used to lift heavy items on and off of the truck.  The “Cranky” Portable Winch is extendable and can swivel while mounted on the truck assembly. 

“Research has shown that many injuries occur when technicians are loading and unloading heavy items on and off their truck,” said Brian Masionville, Plant Manager for LadderTech, L.L.C.  “Using “Cranky” along with the truck mount will reduce injuries and make loading or unloading your truck fast and easy.”

“Cranky” Portable Winch System was designed to easily and safely haul items, such as motors, compressors and toolboxes up to the roof.  “Cranky” Portable Winch slips on and off the building’s permanently mounted support post, allowing service technicians to carry it from job to job or attach it to the “Cranky” Truck Mount Assembly.

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“Cranky” Portable Winch System uses a grab hook to tote items up to 300 pounds.  A lift chain with S hooks is also included with every “Cranky” Portable Winch for those items that cannot be lifted with the grab hook alone.  “Cranky” Portable Winch has a brake to stop the hand crank if you lose grip of the handle thereby decreasing the risk of injury to the technician.  “Cranky” Mounting Posts and “Cranky” Truck Mount Assembly are available in galvanized finish, or powder coated in safety yellow or brown.  

Founded in 2004, LadderTech’s mission is to fill the void in roof access safety.  “Cranky” Portable Winch System was invented by a Mechanical Contractor after realizing the need to lift heavy items effortlessly, seamlessly, safely and inexpensively.  LadderTech, L.L.C. manufactures a full line of Ladder Safety Products including Roof Hatch Safety Grab Bars, LadderPort™ ladder receiver, Parapet Stair Systems and “Cranky”, the portable winch system.  All LadderTech, L.L.C. products are designed and manufactured in Brighton, Michigan.  

For more information about “Cranky” or other products, call 1-800-770-8851, or visit