About LadderPort

About LadderPort

Almost everyone that has ever used an extension ladder, roof hatch or permanently mounted vertical ladder has some type of “scary” story to tell. After years in the commercial heating and air conditioning business, climbing up and down many different types of ladders and hearing all of those stories, the inventor/developer of LadderPort™ decided to find a safer way for all construction trades to access roofs when using an extension ladder.

LadderPort, the permanent building mounted ladder receiver,

mounts to the building allowing an extension ladder to catch on the hooks providing fall protection by preventing the ladder from sliding sideways off the building or slipping backward. Walking through the grab rails instead of climbing around the ladder allows for an easy transition on and off a flat roof and meets the ladder safety standard OSHA REGULATION (STANDARDS – 29 CFR) Ladders. – 1926.1053 (b)(1). Although LadderPort extension ladder stabilizer equipment can be added to existing buildings, installing one of the four receiver models models early during new commercial or industrial flat roof building construction will provide safe extension ladder access and fall protection to any construction trade requiring extension ladder access to flat roofs.

LadderPort’s permanent building mounted ladder receiver, fall protection hook models are much safer, less expensive alternatives to roof hatches, permanently mounted vertical ladders or caged ladders for gaining flat roof access. Permanent indoor roof hatches challenge personnel to find their footing while attempting to crawl blindly through a roof hatch. Roof hatches are often left open creating a possible slip and fall hazard below if the floor becomes wet and the open roof hatch contributes to increased energy consumption.

It is extremely difficult and dangerous to climb vertical permanently mounted ladders especially when carrying equipment or materials up or down the vertical ladder – the rungs of a vertical ladder are often small, slippery, and uncomfortable to climb. Caged ladders are bulky and unsightly and generally require some type of door lock to hinder unauthorized entry. In many cases, vandals simply boost each other over the locked portion of the ladder to climb on to the roof. LadderPort mount, attachment or standoff products provide falling safety and are a better solution than a roof hatch, vertical ladder, or caged ladder for your roof and building security issues.

In addition to being an inexpensive ladder stabilizer receiver hook and fall protection safety device, the LadderPort Gutter Saver accessories are also excellent gutter protectors. The Gutter Saver safely stops an extension ladder from smashing gutters. A LadderPort Gutter Saver can pay for itself by protecting just one gutter and may even prevent injuries. Four models available to fit different building facade. Type 1 – Flat Wall Mount, Type 2-Gutter Saver, Type 3-for buildings with cornice or decorative molding, Type 4 – with four adjustable legs for buildings with overhangs or for pre-engineered metal buildings.

We are continually expanding our LadderPort family of ladder and lifting safety products, ladder accessories and equipment to reduce injuries and make roof access safer and easier. “Cranky” is the portable winch capable of transporting heavy items up to 300 lbs, such as compressors, from the truck to the ground utilizing the Reese insert adapter and from the ground to the roof utilizing the building mounted post. “Cranky” portable winch system pays for itself the first compressor change. “Cranky” portable winch weighs just 25 lbs. and can be kept in the service truck. One “Cranky” winch can work on countless job sites since only the post stays mounted to each building.

The “Cranky” portable winch can be used with any of the four models of permanent posts for lifting over the side of the building or with the Port-A-Post for use on a roof hatch ladder and some permanent mount ladders.

The “Cranky” portable winch, when used with any of the associated posts, is less expensive than a crane and can pay for itself in just one lift.

Parapet Stairs & Back Ladder System

The LadderPort parapet stair systems, or back ladders, when used in conjunction with a LadderPort ladder stabilizer provides safe flat roof access as never seen before when a building has a parapet. The parapet stairs and back ladder system stops technicians from jumping off the parapet to your flat roof potentially causing roof damage or injury. We also carry rubber roof pads for protection on the flat roof area where the ladder receiver is installed. The roof pads are excellent protection for the areas near HVAC units to deter holes in the roof from HVAC door removal and toolboxes.

LadderTech is committed to providing fall safety equipment and ladder products that promote roof access security and safety.

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Cranky Portable Winch System – The easy, painless way to lift items to the roof!

  • Cranky Portable Winch easily and safely lifts 300 lbs. It handles the load so you don’t have to!
  • Cranky is collapsible, lightweight and easily transportable making it easy to take from job to job.
  • The boom expands approximately 32″ when using over the side of a building keeping the load away from the building. The handle expands approximately 12″ so you don’t have to lean over the side.
  • Eliminate the cost of a crane or second technician making your job more cost competitive.
  • Cranky Portable Winch slips on & off a Permanently Building Mount Post for easy lifting over the side of building – no more my aching back
  • When used with the Port-A-Post, the Cranky can lift items through the roof hatch.  A back pulley centers the load allowing the load to easily fit through the roof hatch so you don’t have struggle to keep it centered.
  • Hand brake stops the load if you let go keeping the load from tumbling down.

LadderPort Ladder Receiver  – Never have “my ladder is going to fall” feeling again!

  • Permanently building mounted for maximum extension ladder safety
  • Less expensive and safer than a permanent mounted vertical ladder
  • Never have that “my ladder is falling” feeling again, hooks keep ladder from falling backward, side plates won’t let it fall to either side so you can count on your extension ladder to stay where it belongs
  • Solid metal grab bars enable a technician to walk through rather than transitioning around the ladder, which is where most falls occur
  • LadderPort Ladder Receiver Meets OSHA Regulation 1926.1053(b)(1), avoiding expensive extension ladder fines.
  • An extension ladder is extremely dangerous when placed on icy, muddy, snowy or uneven ground, except when it is secured with a LadderPort Ladder Receiver
  • LadderPort Ladder Receivers are manufactured in four different model types to fit most any building with a flat roof.
  • LadderPort Ladder Receivers are Made in the USA (Patent Pending)

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